Course in Miracles Study Group

Meeting time: Tuesdays 10:30 AM–12:30 PM

No meetings late June, July, and August.

Study groups are progressing through the Text section by section, over a period of several years. Newcomers are always welcome!

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

Allen WatsonAllen Watson facilitates this Course in Miracles group at Unity Church of Portland, Oregon. We are currently studying the Text of the Course, one section (or less) of the Text each week.

Course in MiraclesAllen writes a detailed commentary on each section which is distributed a week prior to class, giving students a chance to read through the section and study the notes ahead of time. This makes for a rich time of discussion in which all the students share their insights, "Aha!" moments, accounts of applying the Course to their lives, and, of course, their questions.

Classes are open to all, and geared to include both beginners and advanced students. Feel free to begin attending any week.

Suggested love offering: $10 (no one refused for lack of funds).


Allen has been a student of the Course since 1985 and has facilitated Course study and support groups since 1987. He worked as a writer, teacher, and webmaster for the Circle of Atonement: Teaching and Healing Center, in Sedona, AZ (an organization dedicated to A Course in Miracles) from 1993 through June, 2006, and is author of a dozen books and booklets concerning the Course, which can be purchased online at Circle Publishing. See list that follows.


Class materials (study notes, commentaries) for the classes can be
downloaded or read online

Allen's books, including those written with Robert Perry, are available through

A Healed Mind Does Not Plan: How to let go of self-instigated plans and decisions and leave our lives in God's Hands.

Through Fear to Love: Healing our perception of the world that results from our fearful self-perception.

The Journey Home: A sequential description of the spiritual journey as seen in the Course.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About JUDGMENT But Were Too Busy Doing It To Notice

The Certainty of Salvation: An antidote to feelings of discouragement, impatience, despair and doubt.

What Is Death? The nature of death as seen in the Course, and how to apply its insights to our lives.

I Need Do Nothing: Finding the Quiet Center

Seeing the Bible Differently: How A Course in Miracles Views the Bible

A Workbook Companion, Volumes I and II: Commentaries on the daily lessons from ACIM.

The Answer is a Miracle: Clears up the confusion about what a miracle really is, and how all of us can perform them

Let Me Remember You: God in A Course in Miracles: Regaining a sense of God's relevance and immediacy

Bringing the Course to Life: How to Unlock the Meaning of A Course in Miracles for Yourself

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